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Developmental Screening Videos and PowerPoint Prsentation for Providers

How Providers Complete Screenings - (5920) Provider Portal - How to Complete and Submit Screening. - YouTube

How Providers Search for Screening Records - (5920) Provider Portal - How to Search for Screening Records - YouTube

How Providers Can Add and View Screening Notes - (5920) Provider Portal - How to Add and View Screening Notes. - YouTube

How Families Complete Developmental Screenings in the Family Portal - (5920) Family Portal - How to Complete Developmental Questionaire - YouTube

How Families Can View Screening Results - (5920) Family Portal - How to View Screening Results - YouTube


Other Documents and Information

Provider Contract Eligibility Policy

Public Records Request Policy

Public Records Request Form

Disciplinary Action Checklist

Expulsion Policy


SR/VPK Contracts Information

Provider Contract Eligibility Policy

SR 2021-2022 Contract Brief 15JUN21

VPK 2021-2022 Contract Brief 15JUN21


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