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Developmental Screening Videos and PowerPoint Prsentation for Providers

How Providers Complete Screenings - (5920) Provider Portal - How to Complete and Submit Screening. - YouTube

How Providers Search for Screening Records - (5920) Provider Portal - How to Search for Screening Records - YouTube

How Providers Can Add and View Screening Notes - (5920) Provider Portal - How to Add and View Screening Notes. - YouTube

How Families Complete Developmental Screenings in the Family Portal - (5920) Family Portal - How to Complete Developmental Questionaire - YouTube

How Families Can View Screening Results - (5920) Family Portal - How to View Screening Results - YouTube


Other Documents and Information

ELC Escambia SR Rates Effective January 1, 2021.

Provider Contract Eligibility Policy

Public Records Request Policy

Public Records Request Form

Disciplinary Action Checklist

Expulsion Policy


SR/VPK Contracts Information

Provider Contract Eligibility Policy

SR 2021-2022 Contract Brief OCT21

VPK 2021-2022 Contract Brief NOV21 

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