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                           The ELC Escambia Coud-Based Accounting System RFP 2023-01 Notice of Intent to Award is available here.


    The ELC Escambia Web-Based Learning System & Technology for PreK Classroom Enhancement RFP 2023-02 Notice of Intent to Award is available here.

ELC Escambia School Readiness Provider Rates Change June 01, 2022


The Provider Reimbursement Rates for the School Readiness Program for the Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County change on June 01, 2022.  The new rate table is provided in the link below. These rates will continue into Contract Year 2022-2023.  Also effective July 01, 2022 the Coalition will pay its published rate for all children regardless of what a Provider’s Private Pay Rate is. No longer will the Coalition pay the lesser of the two rates.  All Providers new SR Contracts for 2022-2023 reflect this change, as well as a change to our rates. 

ELC Escambia SR Daily Rates



ARPA Child Care Stabilization Subgrant Guide

ARPA Provider FAQ

DEL Memo on Sectarian Childcare Providers and Federal Funds

ARPA Provider Presentation

ARPA Stabilization Subgrant Application Sample

 ARPA Stabilization Grants Round 2 (7/1/2022-6/30/2023) Info Meeting Powerpoint


Developmental Screening Videos and PowerPoint Presentation for Providers

How Providers Complete Screenings - (5920) Provider Portal - How to Complete and Submit Screening. - YouTube

How Providers Search for Screening Records - (5920) Provider Portal - How to Search for Screening Records - YouTube

How Providers Can Add and View Screening Notes - (5920) Provider Portal - How to Add and View Screening Notes. - YouTube

How Families Complete Developmental Screenings in the Family Portal - (5920) Family Portal - How to Complete Developmental Questionaire - YouTube

How Families Can View Screening Results - (5920) Family Portal - How to View Screening Results - YouTube


Provider Portal:  All providers are now required to register and maintain their information in the new State Data System.  The Provider Portal is your link to this new system. This is your place to keep your business data current, submit your attendance information for payment, and other features yet to come. To access this system use the link below.

 Provider Portal, Click here

Attendance Days:  The Coalition will accept Reimbursement Packages for the prior month on the first three business days of each month.  Service hours for processing and submitting packages are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. when the days are on Monday to Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. if one of the three business days occurs on a Friday.  The Coalition encourages all Providers to submit their documentation by email or fax, however, if necessary, Providers can scan their paperwork in the Provider/Parent Resource Area in the Coalition Lobby, or the documents can be faxed. Providers are required to submit copies of their sign-in/sign-out sheets and supporting documentation, such as extraordinary absence forms, each month.  A paper copy of the attendance sheet is required.



Other Documents and Information

Public Records Request Policy

Public Records Request Form

Disciplinary Action Checklist

Expulsion Policy


SR/VPK Contracts Information

Provider Contract Eligibility Policy

SR 2023-2024 Contract Brief MAY23 

VPK 2023-2024 Contract Brief JULY23 

SR 2024-2025 Contract Brief MAY24 

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